Specialized Artists

The Specialized Artists are composed of individules that have a Unique Style, Application, and Eye towards their pieces. River's Edge Gallery is proud to have these talented artists and to share their passion and treasures to the community.  

Dyana Walker

Proud Mama - 9" X 12" - Photo Emulsion

Parallel View 2 - 11" X 14" - Photography

Crossing the Bridge 3 - 10" X 10" - Metallic  Photography

About Dyana Walker

Dyana Walker is a very special Photographer.  Her Skill at catching a moment is always beautifully done. BUT, it's the fact that she takes her pieces to a whole new level at makes Dyana so Unique. From her Metallic Photographs to her Photo Emulsion series, Dyana has gained respect and accolades by her peers as well as the community.

Colin Turner

The Express - 30" X 40"  SOLD

Goats - 12" X 16"

About Colin Turner

Native Texan, Colin Turner is an artist that immerses himself in his pieces.  Bold Colors and Quick Strokes, create a feeling of Dominance and Assertiveness upon his canvas.  However, once completed, Colin's oil paintings give a first impresstion of motion and vitality.  Colin's subjects are largely portraits and Hill Country Landscapes and in various sizes.  Colin Turner has recieved many accolades and is a recent recipient of a "Silver Addy" award from the San Antonio Advertising Federation in the category of illustration.

Thom Evans

Bellaterra Garden - 11" X 14"

Third Terrace - 11" X 14"

About Thom Evans

In 1985 while living in San Antonio, Evans left the commercial world of Photography to give himself full-time to paint again.  Painting was always a major part of his life and was the career he loved.  In 2006 Evens found his "artist sanctuary" on the property he calls Bellaterra in the Hill country of Texas near Kerrville.  For the past two years he has been developing a compound for painting and sculpture studios.

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Lucy Jennings

Ladder Mill - Photography

About Lucy Jennings

Lucy Jennings is as beautiful as her art.  She has a way of capturing beautiful things that we may may take for granted or walk by with-out noticing.... And She is exceptional at it. She has a broad range of subjects and they are all Unique.

"All the technology in the world is no replacement for a gifted eye.  Whether it be Beauty, Decay, Bleak Discomfort, Bright Color and light, Perplexing or Random... My wish is that my work will cause you to think beyond the boundries."

-- Lucy Jennings

Annie Hanks Ceramics
Katherine Hanks Rogers and Stephanie Ann Martin met as neighbors in 2012 and incidentally both attended weekly pottery classes at a local Chattanooga studio.  A friendship quickly developed and deepened as their love for clay did the same.  The following years were marked by growing their knowledge of ceramics and developing skill through apprenticeship and assistanship programs.  Within the last months of working together within this setting, their growing eagerness to set off and begin their own studio grew stronger.  With two weeks, the women had found a studio space- a bright and open floor plan with a western-facing wall of windows that gently filters natural sunlight, exposed cement ceilings, and inspiring energy that permeates the space and encourages creativity.  Since that day in October 2014, Katherine and Stephanie have created a working studio that they have named Annie Hanks Ceramic Studio; incorporating both of their names.  Annie Hanks purely reflects the essence of their friendship and their respective aesthetics- an aesthetic that more often than not, blends effortlessy into one.  Katherine explanes that their work is "a marriage of [their] forms and is a beautiful reflection of [their] friendship."  The women work collaboratively- each piece is created by both women's hands- one may throw a piece that the other glazes, or one may perfect a form that the other originally created.  It is not uncommon to find one of the women centering a lump of clay on the wheel that the other shapes and forms the vessel.  When asked about the ways in which this affects the dynamic within the studio, Stephanie explains, "we are constantly excited for one another: constantly encouraging the other to strech herself, and consistently celebrating one another's accomplishments.  It's a special thing of which to be a part."  The relationship and connection between the earth and themselves. They find constant metaphors within their work, particularly the connection between clay: a piece of the earth, and the humanness of themselves.  Their work then, often reflects natural refrenences- whether it be the horizon lines in the glazes, or the form of their pieces.


About These Fine Artists
Garett Michael

Corner Pocket 12" x 16"

Up Down Around  9" x 12"

About This Fine Artist

"I love nature and being outside.  I seek out opportunities in nature to make a painting.  I hunt and gather for an interesting composition, and create a painting based on a field study of a specific site.  It is rewarding to find the "perfect" scene and even more gratifying to render it in my own painting.  My approach is to create a landscape painting that is both believable and full of texture and movement.  This painterly approach gives the painting an interesting surface quality as well as a sense of how I see and feel the specific place being rendered.  My pallet is simple, mostly a spectrum of warm and cool greys which create depth and a sense of space.  I am also very interested in the moment when land meets water.  The reflections become abstractions and develop into exciting moments."

-- Garrett Michael

Morning Fog ~ Photography